HKS Colourmatch 26

Aloha !

Colourmatch 26 is making holidays. Where? On the Hawaiian Islands of course, where else should it travel to. The colorful islands offer many activities and there is a lot to see! Relax at the beach, surf the waves, climb the volcanoes – just enjoy the islands !
Thats’s exactly what Colourmatch 26 is doing far away in the middle of the pacific ocean.

Free to order: www.hks-farben.de

Fonts in use:
Aloha Script – by Charles Borges de Oliveira and Pierre Tardiff
Borges Lettering – www.borgeslettering.com

Garris – by Arwan Sutanto
Locomotype – www.locomotype.com

Kon Tiki Aloha – by Jason Walcott
Jukebox Type – www.walcottdesign.com

Microbrew – by Jay Hilgert
Albatross – www.linotype.com

Thirsty Soft – by Ryan Martinson
Yellow Design Studio – www.yellowdesignstudio.com

Metapaper – Touch – white – 145g/m²