HKS Colourmatch 28

Check the facts
does HKS Colourmatch subject to natural law or is it influenced by undefinable forces ?
We analysed and compared all units and finally offset each one to the other. The result still remains stunning. Finally a subjective verdict can only be found by a direct and individual confrontation with the Colourmatch – everything else is senseless.
We can only say one thing – FF Netto by Daniel Utz endured the test procedure well and showed unexpected abilities.

Fonts in use:
“FF Netto”
by Daniel Utz

Colours in use:
HKS 16 K-90-10
HKS 39 K-40-00
HKS 53 K-70-10
HKS 57 K-30-00
HKS 69 K-90-00


Date of release:
July 2017



Der Turmbergomat ist eine Zeitmessanlage am Turmberg in Karlsruhe Durlach. Sportlerinnen und Sportler haben hier die Möglichkeit, mit dem Rad, dem Handbike oder zu Fuß ihre persönliche Zeit auf den Turmberg zu messen. Die Strecke beträgt 1,8 km und weist 120 Höhenmeter auf bei einer maximalen Steigung von 13%.


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Die Stempelkarte:


HKS Colourmatch 27

Release Date: September 2016
Edition: 24000

»HKS Colourmatch 27«
The focus lies on the ground-breaking movie »Blow Up« and its 50th anniversary. Even through mind expanding photographic background knowledge that is conveyed by this colourmatch edition, the story still stays mysterious – things have to be seen from multiple angles of view – but will they get real then ?

The swinging sixties’ linchpins are presented on cellulose acetate film – Vanessa Redgrave talks to David Hemmings, Twiggy is shot in mini skirt by David Bailey and it is all directed by Michelangelo Antonioni …

Fonts in use:
»Weissenhof Grotesk«
by Stefanie Schwarz & Dirk Wachowiak