Lemming Loppet

Graphic design for a new Cross Country Skiing Competition »Lemming Loppet« at Kniebis/Northern Black Forest on February 28th 2016


more to come ...


HKS Colourmatch 25

This time Colourmatch lives up to its name. Everything rotates about colours, colour-descriptions and colour-vision. The established colour-models RGB, CMYK, CIE-LAB and CIE-Lch are confronted with each other and described in detail. At the same time, Dr. Ishihara subjects your eyes to a very special challenge – his infamous ishihara-test. As Typeface »Cinetype« by the Grillitype-Foundry burns its shape laser-like into your retina. »Cinetype« is inspired by movie-subtitles.

Typefaces in use:
GT Cinetype by Grillitype – www.grillitype.com

Metapaper – Touch – white – 145g/m²

Release Date:
August 2015



Südstudio Edition No. 1

südstudio greetings-card for 2015

Südstudio is an exhibition design studio based in stuttgart, germany founded by Hannes Bierkämper.


Merino / Cashmere socks

Merino = grey
80% merino wool – 10% polyester – 10% elastane

Cashmere = black
50% cashmere wool – 30% merino wool – 10% polyester – 10% elastane

best quality – made in italy

HKS Colourmatch 24

Colourmatch 24 - HKS has a monster fever.

One monster was able to escape from the Monsterbox – but Colourmatch 24 caught it on time for its 60th birthday.
Godzilla – the ultimate monster of japan and its rivals and creators paint the town red.

Fonts in use: »Brush Up« »Felt Noisy« »Populaire« »Monstro«
All by »Pintassilgo Prints« from brazil

Paper: Gmund/Lakepaper, Whisper Cork, white, 135 g/m²
Release Date: January 2015
Edition : 8000